Sound and PA

  • 15” speakers
  • 15” bass bins
  • 18” bass bins
  • 15” foldback speakers
  • twin 15” full range speakers
  • 15” active speakers
  • 18” active bass speakers
  • live mixing desks
  • DJ mixing desks
  • amps
  • mics SM57, SM58, DJ mics
  • drum mics
  • multicore
  • and more…

Speeches Speakers

These can be either battery powered or mains powered and come with USB, Bluetooth and memory card ports so it can support all types of media types, and has a line input to plug in a phone/ipod/tablet etc using the headphone socket. Also supplied with a speaker stand and microphone.

Can be used for music for your wedding ceremony, wedding speeches, small conferences/meetings and quiz nights etc.


Hire just one light or as many as you need;

  • halogen up lighting
  • LED up lighting 
  • UV cannons
  • strobe lighting
  • moving heads
  • moving mirrors
  • moving barrel heads
  • moonflower type lighting
  • LED lighting
  • lasers
  • and more…


Wedding Backdrop

Six meter long by three meter high white backdrop, with swags.  Looks lovely when combined with fairy lights or up lighting.

Stage Backdrops

Black and blue stage backdrops great for hiding a multitude of sins so that your artist, band or performer can work with a blank canvas. Can also be used to separate rooms for functions.



Smoke machines, flame machines, bubble machines and more…



Glow sticks, confetti cannons and more…