Pop-up Nightclub

the nightclub that comes to you

Why settle for a disco for your party entertainment, when you can have the full NIGHTCLUB experience?

We are Devon’s only nightclub that comes to you. What makes us different from a ‘mobile disco’?

Well, to start with we completely transform your venue. We create a popup nightclub from the floor up.

Firstly,  we build ‘walls’ of theatre-quality black-out cloth, which is our nightclub canvas.

Backdrop up, we cram in as many lights as possible to give you a truly awesome experience: lasers, scanners, UV ‘black’ lights, strobes. All the lights you can possibly imagine and probably more. If you have the space and you want them, we’ll have them.

Then we bring in the fog generators. Fog transforms an already amazing light-show into an incredibly immersive experience, as the light reflects internally from the fog vapour particles.

Then, of course, there’s the music. Our digital sound system delivers absolute audible clarity, whatever your venue. It’s powerful enough to fill any room with crystal-clear sounds, whatever the size. Of course, we always pay attention to your aural sensitivities, so you can have it as loud or as quiet as you want!

Finally, we use professional DJs, with loads of experience in playing the sorts of tunes that suit the tastes of you and your guests and which get the party rocking!

We build every popup nightclub with professionalism and care, so you can be sure that your party venue will be left clean and tidy.

It goes without saying that we are fully insured and always carry out a full fire risk assessment.

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